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2 Cup Pour Over (VDC-02R)

2 Cup Pour Over (VDC-02R)

Featuring an advanced design to facilitate the production of quality pour over , drip brew coffee, this simple Hario coffee brewing device is perfect for roughing it in style on a camping trip or for brewing a quick, delicious two cup filter coffee at the office or home.

The angle of the cone, the large hole at the bottom and the ribbing on the side walls all help to ensure a good extraction. The filter paper removes large particles of coffee. Requiring no special tools this Hario 2 cup ceramic pour over produces a delicious cup similar to a press pot.

Instructions: Place the pour over cone on top of the mug. Place the filter paper in the cone. Rinse the filter paper with near-boiling water. This acts to remove the paper taint from the filter and to pre-heat the mug and pour over cone. Dispose of water from mug. Replace the filter on top of the mug. Add 24g of coffee ground for filter into the cone. Steadily pour water over the coffee, add just enough to dampen all the coffee. Allow the coffee to decline in the cone. Steadily add more water to the centre of the coffee. Continuously pour in a circular motion.The coffee will bloom on this second pour. Fill until the cone is 3/4 full. Let it drain. Pour water again from the centre, with a circular motion, at a steady rate until the water runs out. Stop or slow the pour when necessary during brewing. Pour over should take 2-3 minutes. Serve immediately.   



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